Getting up to speed with today's coding tools doesn't require another four year education. With the Complete Programming Language Bootcamp, you can explore the industry's top programming tools across eight beginner-friendly courses.

Boasting over 90 hours of training, this bootcamp's project-focused curriculum will have you building up your coding skills with hands-on instruction. You'll learn by example as you use PHP to build a smart website and learn the essentials behind web security, object-oriented programming, and more.

From there, you'll move on to other example-driven courses, like building web apps with Ruby on Rails and creating programs with Scala. Make your way through the entire bootcamp, and you'll cultivate a working knowledge with more than eight of tech's top programming tools.

Normally retailing for $433, the Complete Programming Language Bootcamp is available to our readers for $44 – that's nearly 90 percent off its normal price.