At June's E3 event, Microsoft finally unveiled details about its Project Scorpio console. Now going by the catchy name of Xbox One X, the 4K-capable machine promises to lead the charge when it comes to UHD gaming in the living room. Yesterday, Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed pre-orders for the device will soon be open.

Responding to a fan question about pre-orders on Twitter, Spencer said those desperate to reserve their Xbox One Xs wouldn't have to wait "much longer." He also revealed that the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) approval process for Microsoft's mid-generation refresh has already been completed.

The FCC's approval of the Xbox One X means the ability to secure one of the machines in advance should arrive in next few weeks. When Microsoft first showed off the console, the company said pre-orders would be delayed until it had been certified by the FCC.

Additionally, Spencer said retailers might offer packages where the Xbox One X is bundled with 4K HDR television sets. The $500 console is expected to cause a rise in the number of UHD/HDR TVs being sold, so offering them as part of a bundle - as is the case with some Xbox One S machines - makes sense.

"Yea, you've seen some of these with S and I'm sure you'll see some with X," he tweeted.

Spencer later confirmed that Xbox One/PC exclusive Crackdown 3 will be on show at the annual Gamescom event in Cologne next month. The game has the same release date as the Xbox One X - November 7. It's thought Microsoft might also use the event to announce that pre-orders for the console have officially begun.