Back in October 2015, Microsoft released a wireless dongle that allowed PC gamers to use an Xbox One controller without being tethered to their rigs. Many welcomed the adapter, but it wasn't the most discreet of devices and could get in the way of other USB sticks. Now, the Redmond firm has announced an all-new Wireless Adapter for Windows 10, one that's 66 percent smaller than its predecessor.

Resembling a USB flash drive complete with helpful cap, the new model will be available from August 8th and cost $24.99. You can pre-order it now from Microsoft's site, where it can also be bundled with a standard black Xbox One controller for $79.99.

Like the original version, the adapter only works with Xbox One controllers - meaning it's not compatible with Xbox 360. It can connect up to eight controllers at once, along with four chat headsets and two stereo headsets, and features an LED indicator.

If you're looking for a snazzy new wireless Xbox One controller to go with the updated adapter, Microsoft has you covered. It's releasing three new controller designs: Green/Grey, Patrol Tech Special Edition, and Volcano Shadow Special Edition.

The first and cheapest of these, Green/Grey, is fairly self-descriptive. It's quite understated and features a nice two-tone design. It will be available on August 3 for $64.99.

The Volcano Shadow Special Edition is the latest in the Shadow Series line that Microsoft introduced last year. It features "a matte black top case and sides that fade to a fiery red metallic finish," as well as a glossy black finish with red highlights on the buttons, triggers, and D-pad. It will cost $69.99 when released on August 3.

The final design - the Patrol Tech Special Edition - is, according to Microsoft, inspired by military tech and patterns. It features laser etched texture, silver accents, and insignia, along with a rubberized diamond grip on the rear. This controller is arriving a bit later than the others - September 5 - and will also cost $69.99.