The Caavo TV control system is not your typical universal remote. The Caavo is a set-top unit that organizes all of your streaming boxes, apps, and accounts into one central interface that you can control with your voice.

The device uses machine vision, which developers have now named "Caavo Vision" to find, select, and organize all of your streaming content. That is, it intelligently "deep connects" with your devices and services to quickly find the content you want. The processes it uses are complicated, but the concept is simple.

The Caavo box has eight inputs for you to plug in all of your devices whether it be Chromecast, Hulu, Sling, a Comcast box, or your PlayStation 4. Once everything is connected to the system, it plugs into your television. The device then offers you an interactive interface to choose what you want to watch across all boxes and accounts. It also provides search functionality so that you can find content as long as it resides on any of your streaming services.

The Caavo was announced last February and was slated to release in the fall of this year, but it never arrived. It is now being reported that the device has been pushed back to February 2018, due to technical issues involving the remote and the search functionality.

"We're solving the universal remote problem, but we want to go beyond that to search," Caavo CTO Ashish Aggarwal told The Verge.

The Caavo TV control system will retail for $399 when it releases. That price point is probably too high for those who only have one or two streaming services. However, while it shines at organizing your streaming content, it can also serve as a hub for everything else that you connect to your TV. PlayStations, Xboxes, DVD players, cable boxes, and virtually anything else that uses any version of HDMI can plug into and interface with the device.

Additionally, Caavo has raised another $17.5 million in venture capital on top of its original $15 million, which it says it will use to work on "on delivering cheaper new products in the future." So, we may see price reductions not too long after the initial launch

In the meantime, if you have a bunch of streaming services and multiple devices cluttering your entertainment center, and money is no object, I know the perfect Valentine's Day gift for you to give next year. The first shipment of 5,000 units will be arriving on February 14, 2018, so if you want one by then, get on the notification list so you don't miss your chance to order one.