If you're a fan of minimalist devices, you might be interested in Microsoft's upcoming Cortana-powered thermostat. Developed in partnership with Johnson Controls and officially revealed last year, the device -- dubbed the GLAS -- features a semi-transparent, touchscreen display with a number of smart energy-saving features.

The GLAS takes things a step further than other smart thermostats on the market by offering users real-time air quality monitoring. No matter where you install the device, the GLAS will reportedly be capable of monitoring indoor tVOC, humidity and eCO2 levels while simultaneously monitoring outdoor pollen levels, all while "intelligently" adjusting its settings to suit ever-changing air conditions.

According to the official GLAS website, the device will also allow users to "voice control [their] smart home" via Microsoft's previously-mentioned voice assistant, Cortana.

Like many other smart thermostats out there, you'll be able to control most aspects of the GLAS via a dedicated smartphone app. Within the app, users can effectively monitor energy savings and check their home's air quality while out and about. The GLAS app will also feature "smart scheduling," though it's unclear exactly what that means at the moment.

As intriguing as Microsoft and Johnson Controls' upcoming device may be, it'll also be a bit more expensive than other competing thermostats on the market with a suggested retail price of $319. If you want to learn more, you can visit the official product page over on the Johnson Controls website. Pre-orders for the device will open up to the public sometime in March.