After some well-earned publicity following the reveal of RED's Hydrogen One smartphone, there is finally an update as to when it may be available. From a post on RED's forums, a staff member has confirmed that pre-orders are likely to start in April with orders shipping this summer.

For those really eager to try and get their hands on the rugged video-centric phone, unlocked versions will be shipping first. Carrier-locked devices are still undergoing certification for individual networks with no projected timeline for completion of this step. Hydrogen Day will be an event held by RED, likely in April, for content providers and select pre-order customers to see the phone.

Further specifications of the Hydrogen One have been confirmed. Both the unlocked and carrier-specific models will have a Snapdragon 835x processor. A 3.5mm headphone jack will be present as well as a USB-C port. Dual SIM cards are supported with the option of swapping one for a microSD card. Considering the main selling point for the phone is shooting video, extra storage space could be a necessity for many users.

A 4,500mAh battery will be packed inside the rugged housing, causing the phone to weigh roughly two ounces more than other similarly sized phones. For videographers, the weight is nothing compared to traditional camera equipment but might not be ideal for everyday consumers.

Shooting in 3D will be possible without the need to purchase an add-on module. Knowing that all of RED's accessories cost a small fortune, this is an important feature inclusion. 4V video will be the same horizontal resolution as 2D video but has additional depth layers to offer an immersive experience.

Pre-order pricing remains at $1,195 for the aluminum version and $1,595 for the titanium model. While not a bargain by any means, the Hydrogen One may turn out to be one of the best compact video cameras to date while also acting as a functional phone.