If you are still chugging along on that first generation Apple TV you bought 10 years ago, you might soon be forced into the market for a newer model. Apple just announced that it will be disconnecting the devices, which it now considers "obsolete," from iTunes.

On May 25, Apple will roll out security changes to the iTunes Store. This update will not allow devices to access the service without an OS update. Since Cupertino has ended support for the first gen Apple TVs, they will not be patched with the new security measures, effectively making them inoperable.

"On May 25, 2018, Apple will introduce security changes that prevent Windows XP or Vista PCs and Apple TV (1st generation) from using the iTunes Store."

The old streaming boxes are not the only systems affected. Apple also said that since Microsoft no longer supports XP and Vista, computers running those operating systems will no longer be able to purchase from the store either. The iTunes app will still work on XP and Vista but users will not be able to make purchases or redownload previous purchases after May 25.

According to NetMarketShare, Windows XP still maintains a 7.27 percent market share despite having not had patches or support from Microsoft for nearly four years. These users will have to upgrade to Windows 7 or later to continue using the iTunes Store.

According to Apple support policy, devices discontinued seven or more years ago are considered obsolete and will no longer receive services of any kind including parts, repairs or software updates.

Users still clinging to their first generation Apple TV will need to upgrade to a second gen device or newer. Fortunately, DirecTV is currently running a promotion where you can pick up an Apple TV 4K plus three months of DirecTV Now for $105.