We have all been impatiently waiting for some word --- any word --- on the next Elder Scrolls installment. Don't get me wrong, The Elder Scrolls Online was fun for a while, but I'm back to playing Skyrim again. As much as I love it, I am ready for a new single-player TES adventure. It seems that I am in good company because even Todd Howard's own son is itching for a follow-up to The Elder Scrolls V.

Howard, who directed both Skyrim and Fallout 4, recently appeared on an Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) Game Maker's Notebook podcast. Ted Price from Insomniac Games conducted the interview.

In it, Howard related how he turned his youngest son on to the Switch version of Skyrim and created a little monster.

"He was too young to play Skyrim when it came out," he related. "Then when Skyrim came out on Switch, I said, 'Well you've played a lot of Zelda, I think you might like Skyrim.' The short story is: he got obsessed with it."

The young man was so captivated with TESV that he was driving Howard up the wall with constant questions about it like, "Dad what's with the Thalmor," and "What are your favorite Daedra?"

His son eventually got the Xbox version so that he could play with mods. This new obsession made him even more persistent with his dad, insisting on showing him what all his favorite mods did.

Howard thought it was great at first. He enjoyed that his son was taking such an interest in a product that he helped create. However, after a while, the constant "Skyrim this, Skyrim that" got to him. "I get this enough at work," he said. "Let's talk about something else."

Be careful what you wish for Todd. Seeing the perfect opening, his son asks, "Okay, when is Elder Scrolls VI coming?"

"And I'm like, 'Uhh, I'm not gonna talk about that right now either,'" Howard replied, but it was too late.

Now instead of asking his dad his innermost thoughts on Skyrim philosophy, the boy switched gears to all things TESVI like, "Can I give you my ideas? Can I work on it? Come on, tell me a few things, I'm not gonna tell anybody."

"Well, you might, so I'm not gonna say anything," was Howard's response.

Bethesda's level of secrecy would make the CIA blush.

Howard had plenty of interesting things to say about his life and the industry during his conversation with Price. If you want to listen to the entire interview, you can check it out on the AIAS podcast page.