Why it matters: This phone represents a shift in Motorola's smartphone branding away from the "Moto" line. No pricing, performance, or launch date are available yet, but we expect it to be in the mid to high-end market. This is the first we're seeing of the upcoming phone.

Motorola recently launched their Moto G6 and E5 smartphones, but it turns out they still have more to offer. According to a recent leak, Motorola also plans to launch the "Motorola One Power."

From the official render, the One Power appears similar in design to the iPhone X. It has dual vertical cameras on its back, a notch at the top of the screen, and very thin bezels. The phone also appears to have dual bottom firing speakers, a USB-C port, and it looks like Motorola has ditched the headphone jack as well. Based on the formatting of the "Power" logo, there may also be different tiers of this phone.

Keen readers will note that the phone drops the "Moto" branding in favor of the more traditional "Motorola" name. This represents a shift back to the naming convention used before Motorola was bought by Google and then Lenovo.

The phone is expected to use the Android One platform which is likely where the One Power's name comes from. This picks right up from last year's Moto X4; the first Android One smartphone released in the US.

Given that the Moto X5 was rumored to be launching soon and then more recently rumored to have been cancelled, it's not clear if the One Power is a re-branded version of that project or a separate phone entirely. It will be interesting to see where this phone takes Motorola in the future.