Bottom line: It may seem a bit backwards for Netflix to transition to radio but the deal makes a lot of sense as it’ll feature material from the company’s growing catalog of stand-up material – content that you don’t necessarily need to watch to consume. Being able to recycle content significantly cuts down on production costs and gives Netflix another avenue to promote its video subscription service.

Netflix is getting into the satellite radio business. The streaming video giant on Wednesday announced a partnership with SiriusXM to create an all-new, exclusive comedy radio channel.

It marks the first time Netflix is bringing its content to an audio service.

Netflix will also spend money on original content for the channel according to The Wall Street Journal.

Netflix is a hotbed for comedians looking to host specials that once would have only been shopped around to premium cable channels like HBO and Showtime. The company has had a lot of success in luring in big talent, largely due to the fact that they’re willing to shell out big bucks. Chris Rock, for example, reportedly received $40 million for two stand-up specials for Netflix, which was about twice what HBO offered.

The platform, called Netflix Is a Joke Radio, will launch by January 2019, the Journal says, as a commercial-free endeavor. More information including an official launch date is pending, SiriusXM said.