Walmart is partnering up with "leading delivery logistics" platform Bringg to test-launch Spark Delivery, a "crowd-sourced" alternative to ordinary grocery delivery programs.

Bringg will recruit regular drivers in true Uber fashion (performing background checks for safety purposes), allowing them to serve as grocery delivery drivers.

Of course, the main difference here is that Spark's drivers will ferry food across town rather than people, but the principles (and likely the freelance nature of the work) behind the services seem to be pretty much the same.

To be clear, Walmart already offers grocery delivery services, but the company is likely hoping to avoid a lot of its delivery overhead by outsourcing the hard work to freelance drivers and Bringg.

There's also the theoretical added benefit of getting groceries to consumers faster, since Walmart won't have to work around its own internal employee schedules.

Spark Delivery is currently being tested in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Nashville, Tennessee. If these tests are successful, Walmart hopes to bring the service to "a few more metro areas" this year.

It's not clear how much Walmart plans to charge customers for access to Spark, but we'll undoubtedly learn more about the service in the coming months.