Bottom line: Ultimately, it's the creativity of the artist that's important, not the equipment used, as Gregory highlights. The equipment can be helpful but it shouldn't be your primary focus. Spoken like a true professional.

Apple didn't spend an unusually lengthy amount of time hyping the camera on its new iPhone XS but according to one filmmaker, perhaps the company should have.

Ed Gregory from Photos In Color recently compared video shot on Apple's new iPhone XS with footage captured on a Canon C200, a quality digital cinema camera. As you can see in the comparison video published on YouTube, both cameras produce stunning results with only minor editing (adding a color grade).

Upon further inspection, Gregory points out some of the flaws evident in the iPhone XS footage. For example, highlights in one section of clip are blown out on the iPhone yet preserved on the Canon. Apple's handset was also docked for adding way too much sharpening which led to some details being lost and other shots not looking very pleasant.

Indeed, the trees in the background shots on the iPhone are quite distracting, stealing attention away from the primary subject. This seems to be more of a personal preference; some will like the look, others will wish Apple had toned it down a bit.

On the flip side, Gregory praised Apple's ability to generate so much dynamic range with the iPhone XS.

In short, Gregory concludes that working with the iPhone XS footage is far easier. With the Canon camera, it's part of a workflow that involves lots of post-production. The end result will be better but you'll have to put in the time to get there.