Recap: Last week we reported on Hello Games' next major iteration for No Man's Sky called "The Abyss." An anonymous data miner had given several details about what would come in the update. It appears his information was spot-on.

The Abyss launched today, and Hello Games dropped a trailer showing off what Version 1.7 is bringing. As previously reported there will be a new exocraft called the "Nautilon," more diverse aquatic flora and fauna, improved underwater base building, an upgraded jetpack optimized for underwater use, and the "Abyssal Horror" (although the source called it the "Abysmal Horror" last week).

"Exploring the seabed can be lucrative, yielding Crystallised Sulphur, Living Pearls or Hadal Cores, but avoid the territorial creatures that lurk there. From poisonous Jellyfish, to snapping clams and predator fish rumoured to be larger than Starships. And beware the Abyssal Horror, which has lured many explorers to a grim end."

There were also a few surprises that we weren't expecting. It appears from the video that there will be a deep-sea-themed helmet added to the appearance modifier. There will also be aquatic ruins to discover and explore. Visual improvements have made the underwater environments more appealing and clear. Swimming and underwater movement controls have been overhauled as well.

There will also be a new narrative-driven quest line called "Dreams of the Deep" to introduce players to the aquatic features. According to Hello Games, it will be a "dark narrative" in the No Man's Sky story.

"Discover the fate of a troubled crew stranded from a freighter crash by the rising tides, or explore underwater ruins to uncover the tale of a lost soul trapped deep beneath the waves," the release notes read.

Aside from the underwater additions Version 1.7 of NMS also brings improvements to the frigates and freighters. These capital-sized crafts can now be scanned with the visor. Players can also repair their friends' frigates during multiplayer sessions, something that was once not allowed.

There are also numerous bug fixes with update 1.7. Check out the patch notes if you want a full rundown on everything that has been fixed.

No Man's Sky has come quite a long way since its struggling beginning, but it's not over yet. The Abyss trailer concludes by saying, "More to come..."