Google's stripped-down "Android Go" operating system designed for budget phones is still going strong, and Samsung's upcoming Galaxy J4 Core is the latest example of that.

The device, as noted by Android Police, is the next generation of Samsung's Galaxy J2 Core, which was first released back in August. The J4's specifications are certainly nothing to write home about, but it seems like a perfect fit for emerging markets which haven't yet become accustomed to the high-powered specs common in flagship smartphones.

Design-wise, the J4 Core probably won't blow your mind. It's top and bottom bezels are relatively thick compared to other modern smartphones (even budget options), but it still appears to be quite thin. It's not clear what level of dust/water resistance the device has (if any), and we don't know what sort of glass it's using.

The J4 houses a quad-core CPU (clocked at 1.4Ghz), 1GB of RAM, 16GB of micro SD storage (upgradeable to 512GB), an 8MP F2.2 rear camera, a 5MP front-facing camera, and a 720x1480p screen.

Though the screen is low-res, the device itself is only 6", so it likely won't be as noticeable as it may be on a higher-end smartphone. The J4's battery capacity is decent for a low-end phone at 3,300mAh, but it's still far from industry standard.

Specifications aside, we don't know what the Galaxy J4 Core's cost will be, nor is it clear precisely when the smartphone will launch. However, you can take a quick look at its full spec sheet, as well as a few images of the phone on Samsung's official website.