Facepalm: It's weaker than the iPhone 6, it's weaker than all other iPads before it, it's weak enough to kill by accidentally sitting it. Sure, you're unlikely to accidentally sit on your gigantic iPad, but if you did...

JerryRigEverything put the latest iPad Pro through his arduous stress test. Things like scratch resistance were all well and good, but when it came time to apply the bend test the device came apart in his hands. And the issue isn't unique to him, users on several online forums have reported on similar experiences as well.

One such user on Macrumors found that his iPad Pro was slightly but noticeably bent after they'd been keeping it in a backpack for a week while travelling. What's worse is that a lot of users are reporting that theirs were bent straight out of the box - and some users even found that their replacements were bent, too. Fortunately you can simply swap out your device if it's within Apple's two-week return period.

Despite his tweet, MKBHD isn't concerned. "For the record, I don't think it's that much of a problem. This device will mostly live in backpacks and on tables, not accidentally bending in pockets."

Cases have always been a necessity for iPad Pros; EverythingApplePro's tests of previous-gen iPad Pros found that they could also be irreparably damaged barehandedly. While it would be annoying to find that your new iPad Pro had bent before you could get a case on it, as long as Apple is replacing them for free then it's only a slight annoyance. At least Apple is one step closer to a foldable tablet (that keeps working afterwards).