Why it matters: While the PC vs console rivalry has been around for decades, competition between fans of Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and (at one point) Sega can often be just as fierce. In the current Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 war, the Japanese firm retains the upper hand—especially when it comes to game exclusives.

Review aggregate site Metacritic has just published its list of the best video games of 2018. Unsurprisingly, Red Dead Redemption 2 tops the chart with a 97 percent score. This was followed by the excellent PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War, and Switch exclusive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Metacritic also lists each platforms’ ‘Exclusive of the year.’ While God of War and Smash Bros. are obvious choices for Sony’s and Nintendo’s machines, Forza Horizon 4 is named the best Xbox One exclusive. The caveat being that it is a ‘console exclusive’ only, in that it can also be played on the PC.

When breaking down the list of good exclusive for each platform—defined as games that score 75 or higher—the PC comes out on top with 33. Next is the PS4 with 13, then the Switch with 10. The Xbox One has precisely 0.

“Microsoft failed to offer a compelling case to pick up an Xbox One rather than another console in 2018. The best "console exclusive" titles released for XB1 last year could also be played on your PC, and there wasn't a single game exclusive to Xbox One alone that received positive reviews from critics,” writes the site.

As Metacritic notes, Microsoft does release all first-party games such as Forza Horizon 4 simultaneously on both the Xbox One and PC. But while the racer was undeniably excellent, other Microsoft titles, such as Sea of Thieves, weren't as well received.

Thankfully for Xbox One owners, there are plenty of games arriving this year that won’t be on the PS4 or Switch, including Gears 5 and Crackdown 3. And with Microsoft buying game studios such as Obsidian Entertainment, the future is looking brighter for fans of its consoles.