GameSpot has put up their list of all-time Top 10 boss fights... I always tend to enjoy these lists although also make me think, I've barely played a couple dozen games heavily in the last decade, these people sure have played hundreds.

FileShack has made available a new Max Payne 2 gameplay clip. The high resolution Windows Media Video 9 format clip shows you 31 seconds of action packed footage as Max clears out a room. Max Payne 2 will be released October 15.

Also spotted at the Shack, Computer & Video Games has posted a brief DOOM 3 Q&A, asking id's Todd Hollenshead about the game's story, AI, multiplayer, the technology and console plans.

GameSpy takes a look to console sales figures: "At least for that week, more people in Japan decided that it was better to buy the PSone, with its 8-year-old technology, than a hulking new Xbox, with its 8 pounds of mass." Ouch.