AMD announced today that manufacturers and system builders should have inmediate access to Athlon 64 FX and Athlon 64 processors for desktop and notebook computers. Official pricing goes like this: Desktop 3200+, $417 and 3200+ and 3000+ for notebooks, priced at $417 and $278, respectively (all 1k quantities). The AMD Athlon 64 FX processor is available in the FX-51 series, and is priced at $733.

The Athlon 64 3200+ seems to be the first to make it into our pricewatch section, several retailers already have it in stock.

In other related notes, Microsoft has confirmed their support for the Athlon 64, the beta version of the 64-bit Windows XP is available now to Microsoft's testers, the production version of the OS won't come out in the first half of 2004. Also, The Register quotes AMD chairman, Jerry Sanders: "Multi-core Athlons inevitable".