Everybody knows modern AAA video game publishers have a thing for microtransactions. Just about every new game released – single player or otherwise – by the likes of EA, Ubisoft, and Activision Blizzard contains them in some form.

However, many were shocked to find that Battlefield V launched without any real-money purchase options. Every reward had to be earned through actual gameplay. Some thought that this meant EA was turning a new leaf and focusing more on fun rather than monetization.

Alas, those dreams have been proven false today. EA has announced that it will indeed be bringing monetization to Battlefield V by way of its upcoming "Battlefield Currency" (BC) system. BC will be purchased with real money and used to obtain top-tier cosmetics, unique "Elite" characters with special weapons, and even "Time Savers" which can be used to speed up XP gains.

None of these purchasable items seem particularly troublesome for now (with the exception, perhaps, of the "Elite" characters). However, for those that assumed Battlefield V would never get true microtransactions, this news will probably come as a disappointment nonetheless.

Further, some less-trusting individuals may argue that EA only waited so long to implement microtransactions to ensure that the game's review scores remained high on launch - not many well-known reviewers will knock points off a score for potential future issues, after all.

Regardless, only time will tell how the community will react to this situation after BC launches on April 4. As always, we'll update you if any interesting new developments come to light.