Valve's high-end, visual fidelity-focused Index VR headset was officially unveiled a couple of days ago. The device looks pretty impressive as far as VR headsets go - it has finger-tracking controllers, unique off-ear headphones for more natural, immersive sound, and a 120Hz refresh rate.

Of course, all of those fancy specs don't come cheap: the Index's price tag sits at $999, which puts it well out of reach of the average gamer. However, it seems the VR enthusiast market is bigger than many have thought, because Valve's stock of pre-order Index kits completely sold out (in the US, anyway) within 30 minutes, according to an Upload VR report.

It should be noted that we don't know how many Index kits Valve produced. Perhaps the company was anticipating low demand and only made a handful of the devices to begin with. Regardless, even if that was the case, this is still an impressive achievement when you keep the Index's hefty price tag in mind.

For anyone who wants to snag an Index now, you're out of luck. The pre-order button has been replaced with a Reserve button, and the "Ship by" date has been switched from late July to August 31 for US customers. Interestingly, as of the time Upload VR published their report, that date was September 31, so the delay won't be quite as long as it initially appeared.

To be clear, "reserving" an Index does not lock you into buying one, you're simply cementing your spot in line. A reservation just means that the company will email you when your Index is available for purchase and shipping. You won't have to hand over any payment details until you decide to act on the offer, though it's possible that Valve will hand your spot over to someone else if you take too long to buy.