Something to look forward to: Apple's upcoming iOS 13 is currently in beta mode with developers and curious users sporadically finding new features, big and small. A change spotted recently in the iOS 13 beta 2 reveals an updated popup box that warns users during app deletion if they're actively subscribed to the app. The feature can prove useful in reminding users to update/cancel their app subscriptions before they decide to part ways with it.

It's no secret that Apple's increasing reliance on subscription services is meant to keep its revenue healthy, making sure that the company itself and developers can rely on a steady income from customers' subscriptions to apps. It's also meant to make up for deteriorating sales in hardware, something which a $999 monitor stand is unlikely to remedy.

With subscriptions now becoming a major feature of software, Apple has been making some under the hood changes to reflect how app subscriptions are managed, particularly when uninstalling an app with an active subscription.

As initially spotted by Federico Viticci in the second beta of iOS 13, a revised popup now appears warning users that despite deleting an app, its subscription will remain active on other devices and will renew automatically at its required period unless the user wishes to cancel it.

If users want unsubscribe during app deletion, they can click on the Manage Subscription button to cancel their ongoing plan or press Keep to remove the app but retain the subscription.

The popup serves as a good reminder to prevent unwanted subscription bills from recurring and is indicative of a future where most apps installed on our phones will be tied to a subscription model of some sort.

Image Credit: 9to5Mac