What just happened? It seems that not enough Nest customers are using the company's smartwatch app, which has prompted parent Google to shutdown the app for both the Apple Watch and its own Wear OS platform. Devices running Wear OS can still control the thermostat through Google Assistant but those in the Apple ecosystem will have to use Nest's iOS app.

Nest app on the Apple Watch and Google's Wear OS smartwatches sound like a rather nifty idea to manage the smart thermostat. Controlling temperature, viewing notifications and setting Home/Away modes right from the wrist seem even more convenient than using a smartphone. However, it looks like few people have preferred to go this route causing Google to remove the app on both major smartwatch platforms.

"Nest is no longer supported for Wear OS. Go to the Play Store to uninstall the app," says the Wear OS app. "We took a look at Nest app users on smartwatches and found that only a small number of people were using it," a Google's spokesperson told 9to5Google, adding that going forwards, the Nest team will focus on mobile apps and voice interactions.

Google further responded to the news publication saying that users will continue to receive notifications on their watch through the Nest app installed on their mobile devices. Controlling the thermostat with a Wear OS watch would still be possible, albeit with Google Assistant only, while Apple Watch owners are out of luck and will have to use their iOS device (iPhone/iPad) for controlling their Nest devices.