AI and deep learning are transforming the way we understand software, used across a broad range of industries to produce hardware like self-driving cars, personal assistant computers, and decision support systems. As part of the Pay What You Want: AI & Deep Learning Bundle, you'll explore real-world scenarios while learning about algorithms that can be used to build AI applications.

The bundle consists of 7 ebooks and 10 hours of course content that cover essentials on working with deep learning algorithms using Java, building AI applications with Python, using TensorFlow on real-world datasets and understanding neural networks. There's also a dedicated chapter to the R programming language, the most popular statistical programming language that leverages clustering and classification algorithms for solving real-life problems.

You'll learn how to implement deep learning algorithms for machine learning systems and integrate them into your product offerings, including search, image recognition, and language processing. This coursework also takes you further into this vital world of stunning predictive insights and remarkable machine intelligence, with dedicated chapters on Hadoop and Keras.

Pay any amount you want and you'll instantly unlock one of the ten resources in the collection. Beat the average price paid (currently less than $16), and you'll get the full bundle for a highly discounted price.

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