Highly anticipated: If you're an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, early access to Gears 5 opens up this Friday---everyone else will have to wait until September 10. To tempt gamers into buying the latest installment of the long-running franchise, a spoiler-filled 15-minute clip showing part of the main campaign has been released.

Gears 5 is said to be a departure from the previous entries in the series, offering the biggest single-player campaign in its history with some semi-open worlds, including one level that's 50 times bigger than any previous Gears of War map. It's also possible to choose whether you want to engage with enemies or explore your surroundings, and players get to traverse the landscape in a skiff.

The video shown above comes from the game's second act. "Kait attempts to enlist the help of someone close to her before they get caught up in battle," reads the description. Despite the new features, it appears that the core Gears of War run-and-cover gameplay hasn't changed, thankfully.

In other Gears 5 news, Dave Bautista, he of WWE and Guardians of the Galaxy fame, will be a playable character in the game. It's part of a collaboration between Microsoft and the WWE, and the character can be unlocked from Sunday 15th September just by playing the PC or Xbox One version between that date and October 28. The Drax the Destroyer actor, who recorded over 700 lines for Gears 5, has long desired to star in a Gears of War movie but doubts it will happen, so this could be his second-best option.

To see how your PC will handle Gears 5, check out the final minimum, recommended and ideal specifications in the table below.