In brief: Call of Duty is getting its first free DLC soon, which for this reboot will come as part of a battle pass system letting users know what they're in for in advance, instead of using controversial loot boxes that offer randomized rewards.

A week before the game's release, Activision laid out its post-launch content update plans for this year's Call of Duty, and sticking to the roadmap is the Season One drop coming in December.

According to the publisher, it is the biggest free content drop in the history of this franchise and includes new multiplayer maps (which are essentially classic maps that featured in the original MW), a new Ground War Map for large-scale battles and two new maps for its close-quarter Gunfight mode, with more expected to arrive as Season One progresses.

The game will also get three new multiplayer modes with more coming later in the season. These modes include Reinforce, which combines Search and Destroy with Domination, On Site Procurement, a type of Gunfight match where players begin empty-handed and gather equipment as the session progresses, and Infected, a survival-based party mode.

CoD's Spec Ops missions, which were found to be missing features and content at launch, will get four new scenarios in this update. The four-player co-op mode focuses on accomplishing a specific set of objectives and will also be receiving more content as this season progresses.

"Every single member of the Modern Warfare community can earn some of the tiers within the forthcoming battle pass system, including cosmetic items and two new base weapons," says Activision. These weapons include the Ram-7 Assault Rifle and the Holger-26 model rifle in LMG spec.

Season One will get further detailed by Activision on December 3, when the aforementioned content is expected to drop, followed by a full reveal of the game's 100-level Battle Pass system.