Machine learning is transforming the way businesses operate. Understanding trends and patterns in complex data is becoming critical for success and with this comprehensive bundle you can get introduced to machine learning and the tools used to leverage it, like Python, Apache Spark, and TensorFlow.

Make your way through the entire collection, and you'll learn how to work with the massive amounts of data that machine learning requires and understand machine learning's applications in the real world. This is a "Pay what you want" deal, you can choose any amount you want and you'll instantly unlock one of the ten resources in the collection. Beat the average price (currently less than $18!), and you'll get access to the full bundle.

Machine learning is powering numerous AI innovations like self-driving cars, image recognition, content discovery, voice assistants and real-time ecommerce optimization. As these breakthroughs find their way into more consumer tech, demand for machine learning knowledge can only grow from here.

Learning to build machine learning algorithms within a controlled test framework will speed up your time to deliver, quantify expectations, and enable rapid iteration.

The Comprehensive Machine Learning Bundle comprises 12+ hours of course content dealing with introductory, step-by-step Python and Apache Spark modules as well as advanced and large-scale Python machine learning. Also Google's TensorFlow library and real-time computer vision with OpenCV. Get it today for a price you choose.

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