The big picture: Seamless smartphone connectivity with Windows 10 PCs saw noticeable improvement with Microsoft's Your Phone app, however, as with Apple's Continuity feature, there are always some strings attached to using such a service. While Cupertino's offering only works with its own devices, Microsoft's Your Phone app is currently limited to Android devices, with Samsung owners getting special treatment when it comes to RCS support. Dell's solution for Windows 10 PCs is the Mobile Connect app, which in its most recent update received several neat features for both iPhone and Android users, but ultimately requires a Dell machine to make use of the app.

In its update to version 3.0, Dell Mobile Connect has added support for File Transfers (Photos & Videos) and Screen Mirroring for iPhone users and no longer requires them to keep the app open in the foreground for sending SMS. These features were already supported for Android devices, which also received MMS support for images and videos in this update.

Dell's offering appears to be a decent alternative to Microsoft's Your Phone app on Windows 10 as it supports phone calls, text messaging, notifications, contacts search, screen mirroring and file transfer for both major smartphone platforms.

The only limitation of this service, apparently, is the requirement of a Dell machine on the PC side of things as the app is not compatible with devices other than the "Dell XPS, Inspiron, G-Series and Vostro PCs with Bluetooth purchased in January 2018 or later."

It remains to be seen if Dell can lift this device limitation or if Microsoft is able to bring its Your Phone feature set on par with its competitor. Either way, Windows 10 users and smartphone owners will be the ultimate beneficiaries.