The big picture: Fortnite developer Epic Games has revealed that Chapter 2 – Season 2 of the immensely popular shooter is being extended. That's bad news for Fortnite fans but perhaps good news for Call of Duty: Warzone?

The current season was originally set to expire on April 30, paving the way for the third season to commence shortly after. Epic didn’t cite a specific reason for the delay although like many others across the country, they’ve implemented work-from-home solutions to allow them to still be productive while helping to slow the spread of Covid-19. This transition likely caused the team to fall behind schedule.

Epic said it still has plenty of content to pump out for the current season that’ll deliver fresh gameplay, bonus XP and new challenges plus a couple of extra surprises.

This isn’t the first time that Epic has extended a Fortnite season. Chapter 2’s first season, which launched in October 2019, stuck around months longer than expected. Near the end of January, the second season got pushed back to give Epic time to implement a new physics engine. Season one was extended once before that in order to accommodate extra holiday content Epic had planned.

Chapter 2 – Season 3 of Fortnite is now scheduled to launch on June 4.