In a nutshell: For obvious reasons, making sure that the objects we touch are clean is more important than ever. Smartphones have long been known as one of the dirtiest items we regularly handle, which is where Samsung's ITFIT UV Sterilizer comes in handy. Not only can it "kill up to 99 percent of bacteria within 10 minutes," but it also charges your smartphone.

The ITFIT UV Sterilizer is a white box that's big enough to hold the monstrous Galaxy S20 Ultra, and while it does offer wireless charging, you could stick pretty much anything inside the case to disinfect it---Samsung uses the example of a pair of sunglasses.

The box connects to any USB-C power source and features an embedded 10-watt Qi charger, letting you juice wireless devices such as handsets, Galaxy Buds or the Galaxy Watch while sanitizing them simultaneously.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a surge in demand for UV light-based disinfecting products. As noted by Engadget, Samsung does not explicitly say that the ITFIT UV Sterilizer kills SARS-CoV-2, but a recent study suggests that UVC lamps are capable of killing "more than 99.9 percent of airborne coronaviruses."

Earlier this week, we heard about an autonomous robot created by MIT researchers that uses UVC, a short-wavelength ultraviolet light, to kill around 90 percent of coronavirus particles on surfaces.

Right now, the ITFIT UV Sterilizer is only available in Thailand for 1,590 baht (around $51). But with other brands making UV sanitzers for phones, don't be surprised to see it hit US shores soon.