Acer's latest Nitro XZ2 lineup of gaming displays does a decent job of covering the basics by packing high refresh rates, low response times, and tear-free visuals in three different screen sizes. All models bear a restrained gamer aesthetic, utilize AMD FreeSync and feature anti-glare 1500R curved displays with narrow bezels at affordable price points.

The range starts with the $200 XZ242Q, which is a 23.6" 1080p 144Hz monitor. It uses Visual Response Boost to achieve a 1ms response time, covers 95% of the sRGB color space, and supports DisplayPort and HDMI input. Interestingly, Acer lists two identically-priced variants for this model, which seemingly appear to differ only in terms of response times (4ms vs 1ms VRB).

Further up the ladder is the $260 27" XZ272. This model keeps the 1080p resolution of its cheaper sibling but justifies costing an extra $60 for its higher 165Hz refresh rate display and the added immersion brought by its bigger, curved screen.

For those with even deeper pockets and bigger desks, the flagship 31.5" XZ322QU comes with QHD resolution and a 165Hz panel for $450. This model's larger screen and pixel count are the only specs elevating it above the XZ272 for which buyers would be spending an extra $190. It'll likely offer an even more immersive experience than the 27-inch model but would also require a beefier GPU for squeezing out max performance.

Acer specifies 178° viewing angles for all Nitro XZ2 models, which are also VESA mountable and support tilt, swivel, and height adjustment. The monitors are now up for sale on the company's official website.