Bottom line: PS VR support will arrive as a patch for the main Minecraft game. It'll be the exact same game as the standard Minecraft, except in virtual reality. There will be new settings and whatnot for VR, as well as the option to play in immersive or living room mode, but otherwise, users can expect the vanilla Minecraft experience.

Minecraft creator Mojang Studios is bringing its beloved sandbox to the PlayStation VR in the near future.

Minecraft executive producer Roger Carpenter said in a recent PlayStation blog post that PS VR support has been a planned PS4 feature since they got confirmation from Sony to add cross platform play and bring the Bedrock version to the console. "There was never any question of would we, just when," he added.

Carpenter said the new version is based on the Minecraft VR tech they previously developed for other platforms, noting that SkyBox Labs simply tweaked it for the PS VR.

Minecraft VR will be a free update for anyone that already has the game on PS4. All you need to do is download the patch when it launches later this month and you'll have access to the new VR functionality.

If you don't already own Minecraft on PS4, it'll set you back $19.99 from the PlayStation Store.