In brief: Were you one of the lucky people who managed to grab an Xbox Series X/S pre-order this week? If you did miss out, don't worry: Microsoft says you'll still have a chance to buy one of its consoles on launch day.

Pre-orders for the Xbox Series X and Series S weren't quite the shambolic fiasco that we saw with the PlayStation 5 and RTX 3080, but some sites did crumble under the pressure of people frantically trying to secure one of Microsoft's machines---they sold out even faster than Sony's consoles.

In a tweet from the official Xbox account, the company said it was "humbled by the record-breaking demand for Xbox Series X and S." It added that anyone who failed to secure a pre-order should sign up with retailers for updates and expect more consoles to be available on November 10.

The announcement will be welcomed by people desperate for an Xbox Series X/S on launch day, though it could mean a lengthy wait in line outside a store in the middle of a pandemic. Still, that's unlikely to stop a lot of fans.

It's also good news for those who bought an Xbox One X by mistake. Microsoft's current-gen machine rocketed up 747 percent on Amazon's Movers & Shakers chart this week as confused/tired/less tech-savvy consumers and---hopefully---bots mixed up the words "Series" and "One."