In a nutshell: It's not bleeding edge storage, but Corsair's new PCIe 3.0-based MP400 series should still deliver a noticeable performance boost to PCs running SATA SSDs/HDDs. The MP400 drives use high-density 3D QLC NAND memory, which trades high endurance levels for less power consumption and better value to reach more consumers. It also allows for a capacious 8TB SKU that Corsair is now selling for $1,379.99.

Corsair is targeting mid-tier PC gaming with its new MP400 series of m.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 SSDs. Although its 3,480 MB/s reads and up to 3,000 MB/s writes should make for a pretty decent experience even on higher-end PCs, those with deep pockets and a penchant for assembling rigs out of the latest and greatest hardware are still likely to go for something PCIe 4.0-based like the Adata XPG Gammix S70 or WD's recently released SN850 series.

For value-conscious gamers, however, the Corsair MP400 appears to hit a sweet spot between cost, performance, and capacity. It's available in four storage capacities, with the lower-half (1TB, 2TB) using Phison's E16 controller, while the upper-half (4TB, 8TB) utilizes Phison's E12S controller.

Max Read (MB/s) Max Write (MB/s) 4KB Random Read/Write (IOPS) Endurance Rating (TBW) Price
1 TB 3,480 1,880 190,000 / 470,000 200 $129.99
2 TB 3,480 3,000 380,000 / 560,000 400 $264.99
4 TB 3,480 3,000 610,000 / 710,000 800 $609.99
8 TB 3,480 3,000 610,000 / 710,000 1,600 $1,379.99

All MP400 drives are currently listed for availability in 1-3 weeks on Corsair's website, except the 8TB model that arrives a bit later, in 2-4 weeks. All models are backed by a 5-year official warranty and come with Corsair's free SSD Toolbox software for updating firmware and setting up features like over-provisioning and secure erase.