Holiday deals: The Epic Games Store (EGS) may not have all of the same features as Steam, but it gets just a little bit closer to hitting that lofty target with every update. It'll probably be quite a while before the EGS reaches full feature parity with Steam, but it's arguably already there in one particular area: seasonal sales.

Much like Steam, the EGS kicks off major sales events several times a year, usually to correspond with a major holiday. Today, we see that trend in action again, in the form of the EGS' first official Halloween Sale. There's aren't any special meta activities to participate in, and you won't find any Epic Coupons this time around, unfortunately.

That last part is understandable, to an extent. Epic Coupons, for the unaware, were essentially unlimited $10 vouchers that you earned with every purchase. The coupons could only be used on games $15 or more, but it was a great way to chain deals and save buckets of cash.

However, that kind of generosity probably costs Epic quite a bit of money, so we wouldn't be surprised if the company is saving them for bigger sales.

Regardless, even without the Epic Coupon, there are plenty of great offers to take advantage of here, including two free-to-keep titles: Costume Quest 2 and Layers of Fear 2.

Some deals include a 60 percent discount (now $18) on multiplayer zombie survival title World War Z's GOTY edition, a 40 percent price reduction (now $15) on the excellent "roguevania" side-scroller Dead Cells, and a half-off offer (now $20) on Remnant: From the Ashes, the popular co-op action shooter from Gunfire Games.

The EGS' Halloween sale ends on November 5, giving you a full two weeks to dive into all it has to offer. Of course, you could always save your cash and wait for Steam's inevitable Winter Sale, which will likely begin sometime in November or December.