Why it matters: If you've ever felt torn between two similar apps on the Play Store, a new feature being tested by Google could help. The experiment brings up a table of similar apps, listing several stats that could help users decide which one to download.

As spotted by Android Police, those who have access to the feature will see a comparison table below the comments on an app's listing. It's limited to a few media players at the moment, showing elements such as offline play support, streaming/casting abilities, and visual quality.

The table appears to show data based on what Google asks users about apps, including ease of use and ratings. It also displays the number of downloads an app has received, helping indicate its popularity.

Credit: Android Police

Currently, the only way to compare apps is to click on the 'similar apps' section, which brings up a list of applications alongside their star rating; users have to click on each one to check the number of downloads, their features, etc. You can always go to app-comparison websites, of course, but having such a tool built into an application's listing would likely be appreciated.

Android Police writes that the feature is visible in Play Store version 22.4.28, but only some users will see it right now.

Comparison tables appear to be a good idea that would make choosing an app quicker and easier, so don't be surprised to see them receive a widespread rollout and expand to more apps in the near future.