Vote now: 2020's Game Awards are arriving later this month, but the pre-event festivities have already begun. In late November, event organizers let Game Awards site visitors nominate their top Game of the Year choices across a variety of categories. Now that those choices have been locked in, pre-event voting has advanced to the Player's Choice category, the victor of which is, unlike most of the other categories, decided entirely by ordinary gamers.

There will be three rounds of voting, and the first is already underway. It'll run for another 16 hours (as of writing), and then round two will come along. We assume that there are 24 hours in between each round, and it seems like gamers will have 10 votes to spend each day.

There are 30 games you can vote on in total, ranging from earlier 2020 releases like Animal Crossing: New Horizons to more recent experiences like Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Fortunately, there's a nice mix of games you can vote for – not just AAA titles, and not just indie titles, but many from both camps.

If you decide to participate in the Player's Choice voting, feel free to let us know which games you picked in the comments below. I haven't decided on my full list yet, but Doom Eternal, AC Valhalla, Ghost of Tsushima, and Persona 5 Royal will probably eat up at least a few of my votes.

Whatever you do, don't miss Geoff Keighley's full Game Awards event on December 10 at 4PM PST. It's always worth tuning in, because the show is rarely just about the awards themselves. Indeed, while important, those tend to be interspersed with brand new game announcements and teasers.

Some titles we're hoping to see revealed at the event include From Software's upcoming "Elden Ring" (developed in partnership with George R. R. Martin) and Bethesda's Starfield.