Something to look forward to: Whether you love or hate Bethesda, it was undeniably one of the darlings of the gaming industry prior to the disastrous launch of Fallout 76. In an effort to retake that crown, the company is publishing a game from a franchise that hasn't been explored in years: Indiana Jones.

You read that right – one of Bethesda's next big releases is an all-new, wholly original Indiana Jones game. Coming just a day after Disney announced the revival of the Lucasfilm Games brand, this reveal couldn't have been timed any better.

The Lucasfilm Games logo will be slapped onto the game's branding, which proves that Disney is interested in pursuing ventures outside of the Star Wars universe alone – a plus in our book.

The untitled game is being developed by MachineGames, the folks behind the excellent Wolfenstein franchise. Todd Howard, of Bethesda Game Studios fame, will serve as the executive producer on the project.

The game will be set in Rome, at the "height" of Indiana Jones' career as a "famed adventurer." There's no word yet on what type of game it will be, but Todd Howard's expertise certainly lies in first-person adventures, as does MachineGames', so we hope that trend continues here.

As for other details, we don't have anything we can share at this time. Both Disney and Bethesda are remaining tightlipped. However, more information may come surrounding this game (and, hopefully, others in the Bethesda catalog) at E3 2021; or whatever the equivalent will be in the era of Covid-19.