Something to look forward to: The Elder Scrolls series has one of the most active modding communities of any franchise, period. One particularly passionate team of modders even developed a separate, standalone-game-quality addition to Skyrim called "Enderal." Now, that same team is using its modding experience to create its own original IP.

First, a bit of background. If you haven't heard of Enderal before, it is a total conversion mod for TES V: Skyrim. If the mod didn't require Skyrim to run, it could easily be billed as its own separate game.

It has an entirely unique world handcrafted by developer SureAI, as well as professional-quality voice acting and a 30-hour (give or take) main questline.

I've played Enderal a bit myself, but I never got the opportunity to finish it due to a few odd performance issues. However, others seem to love it, judging by the overwhelmingly-positive reviews it has on Steam.

Over the weekend, this talented team of modders revealed that Enderal had received its final patch: the mod won't be updated anymore moving forward. Why?

Because the team is working on a "new, commercial project" which they aim to announce this year. For a team behind two of the biggest and most ambitious mods in Elder Scrolls history (Enderal and its Oblivion predecessor Nehrim), that's huge news.

Unfortunately, that's about all we have to go off of for now. SureAI has remained pretty silent on what the project might be. However, given their years-long experience modding the Elder Scrolls games, we'd be surprised if it isn't an RPG of some kind.

At any rate, we wish the team all the best, and we look forward to seeing what they have up their sleeve.