Something to look forward to: Using a console controller rather than a mouse/keyboard combo for our PC games can, in some cases, improve the experience greatly---sometimes they're a necessity---but using them often comes with limitations, such as a lack of customization. But that's not a problem with the Victrix BFG Pro Controller.

PDP sub-brand Victrix is known for its high-end controllers, such as the Pro FS Arcade Fight Sticks and the Gambit Dual Core Tournament Controller for PC and Xbox. This December, the company will launch the Victrix BFG Pro Controller, a $180 controller for the PC (X-Input), PS4, and PS5.

Paying almost $200 for a controller is no small outlay, but then Victrix's upcoming device is not only officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment but also incredibly modular and customizable.

The controller's default layout is very similar to the PlayStation's: two analog sticks at the bottom, a touchpad on the left, and the square, circle, triangle, and X buttons on the right. But the modules can be flipped or changed using the included hex screwdriver to suit a player's preference.

Rotating the left module to place the stick at the top will make it more like an Xbox controller. Victrix's product will likely be compelling to fighting game fans, thanks to the fight stick-style six-button section that can replace the right module.

If that's not enough customization for you, there are also three different styles of D-pad: Victrix's diamond-shaped one, a classic PlayStation-style d-Pad, or one with eight inputs that's more like the Xbox. It also comes with shorter and longer sticks and interchangeable stick gates for more precise movements.

Elsewhere, the Pro BFG, which can be used wired (USB-C) or wirelessly, has multi-position clutch triggers that can be customized with five different stopping points, though they aren't rumble or adaptive like the PS5 controllers. It also features a 3.5mm headphone jack and rubberized front/rear grips.

Users can also configure the controller's buttons and EQ settings using the free Victrix Control Hub software. Up to three audio and three button profiles can be saved and switched between on the fly using the Profile Button.

The Pro BFG can be pre-ordered now for $179.99 ahead of its launch in December.