Editors Liked

  • Fantastic performance; just 155mm tall; extremely quiet; easy installation
  • Build Quality, Very Good Cooling Efficiency, Low Noise Levels, Zero Clearance Issues (RAM), Tri-Fan Solution (3 Sets Of Fan Clips Included), Price (For Some)
  • Exceptional performance, Great value for a higher-end air cooler, Good memory clearance, Whisper quiet, Easy to install, Solid build quality, 154.5 mm height, No RGB will appeal to some
  • High performance, Quiet even at max fan speed, Inexpensive, Easy installation and full compatibility with tall memory kits

Editors Didn't Like

  • Taller Compared To The Fuma
  • Room for performance improvement, Nickel-plated base still has machining marks, Lack of RGB for those who must have it
  • Nothing worth to mention