Editors Liked

  • Outstanding Performance, High Build Quality, Whisper Quiet Fan, Easy Installation, Fantastic Packaging and Accessories, 6 Year Warranty/MTBF 150,000 Hours, High PCIe and RAM Compatibility, Amazing thermal compound (NT-H1)
  • Excellent performance, Quiet, Flexible, Better compatibility than the NH-D15
  • Better memory clearance, Silent and good performance, Adjustable height mounting for fans
  • Classleading performance, Very quiet, Memory clearance in singlefan mode, Easy to install, Exceptional build quality, Wellpackaged, Excellent accessories bundle, Six year warranty
  • Performance under stock CPU operating conditions, NHC14S cooler performance with overclocked HawellE processor, Build and machining quality of the cooler, Size compatibility with most motherboard configurations, Fan noise in all tested configuration, Manu
  • Excellent Build Quality, New Design (Zero Clearance Issues), Superior Cooling Efficiency (One Of The Top CPU Air Coolers In Our Charts), TriFan Solution, Noise Levels
  • Great performance, Easy installation, Very quiet, Ability to add a second fan, 6year warranty
  • Excellent built quality, Well packed CPU cooler, Excellent RAM clearance with single fan mode, Offset design ensures needed space between the CPU cooler and the 1st PCIe slot

Editors Didn't Like

  • May Not Fit Into Smaller Cases, Pricey
  • Huge, Still not compatible with some boards (though this is very difficult to achieve in this market segment), Not the cheapest
  • Expensive, Extra NFA15 fan is expensive, Color theme not for everyone
  • Price, Performance with overclocked Haswell processor, NHD15S cooler performance with overclocked HaswellE processor
  • Price (For Some)
  • Does block top PCIExpress slot (on our X79 board), Price