Apple MacBook Air 13.3 inch - Mid 2016 MMGF2 / MMGG2




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By T3 Magazine on 80

More powerful than the MacBook but packing fewer features than the Retina MacBook Pro, the 13-inch MacBook Air now sits somewhere in-between the two.The Air lost its status as Apple's most lusted after MacBook some time ago, but that's not to say it no...

By on 80

Macbook Air 2015 Apple is scraping by for yet another year with what is the same MacBook Air design as before, only with 8GB RAM as standard. If you were waiting for the Retina MacBook Air, this is not it. The screen technology looks seriously dated...

By Macworld UK on

For now it's clear that the MacBook Air offers the better deal in terms of specs, presuming that you are looking for a light laptop – if weight isn't an issue then there are even better options in the MacBook Pro range.The MacBook is, for now at least,...

By Macworld UK on

In 2013, when Apple reduced the price of the MacBook Pro with Retina display range, we stopped recommending the 13-inch MacBook Air on the basis that there was only £150 difference in price. As Apple has continued to drop prices we are still looking at...

International Review By on 80

Apple MacBook Air to genialnie wyglądający produkt, który niekoniecznie wygrywa parametrami i ceną z innymi notebookami, ale design i fakt pewnej zjawiskowości opatrzonej znaczkiem jabłuszka sprawiają, że i tak pragnie się go...

International Review By on

Esperamos que nuestra guía de la MacBook Air te ayude a responder todas las dudas que tengas sobre esta laptop y puedas tener una mejor idea sobre los detalles de esta laptop. Si quieres saber más sobre la Apple MacBook, puedes dejarnos un comentario en...

International Review By on

Содержание статьи: Дизайн и габариты Дисплеи Производительность Разъёмы и дополнения Аккумулятор Цена и видеообзоры Корпорация Apple ― один из мировых лидеров в выпуске планшетов, смартфонов, компьютеров, ультрабуков. Их техника отличается высоким...

International Review By on

依然回到标题,我认为小米笔记本要做半价苹果MacBook Air还有很远的路要走,外观方面“形似”是有了,全铝合金银色机身,活脱脱MacBook,如果再自己贴上苹果logo的话简直双胞胎,“神似”就差点,方方正正的轮廓没有苹果Air线条美感,因此既不是极致轻薄,也缺少点自己的外形特征,硬件配置方面也有类似的尴尬,i5-6200U + 8G DDR4 + Nvidia 940MX一眼望去也算均衡没有问题,但除了PCIe...

International Review By on

整体来看,华硕U3000在细节方面和硬件配置上相比于苹果MacBook Air 13.3略胜一筹,更全的接口设计、更清晰的屏幕分辨率、以及更大的硬盘容量是其异于MacBook Air...

International Review By on

Den Praxis-Test des Infinitybook setzen wir in loser Folge fort.Ein erstes kleines Manko zeigt sich aber bereits: Die edle Aluminium-Oberfläche wird sehr schnell unansehnlich, wenn man sie nicht reinigt. Man sieht jeden...

International Review By on

「 新しいMacBook 」がMac史上、最薄かつ最軽量を実現できた背景には、TDP(熱設計電力)をわずか4.5ワットに抑えた「Core M」プロセッサの採用と、これによるファンレス設計がある。すでにMacBook関連の記事では、林信行氏や本田雅一氏による製品コンセプトの詳細な解説をはじめ、実機のファーストインプレッションや、測色器を用いた12型Retinaディスプレイの詳細な検証などを行っているので、ここではMacBookにWindows...