AMD A10-7700K 3.4GB Socket FM2+



AMD A10-7700K 3.4GB Socket FM2+

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I really like the chip, and it is a great value for...

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AMD have focused heavily on their lower end market in recent years. Intel has left a large gap in the market for consumers seeking lower end processors for a reasonable price, and AMD has now excelled in that area with its range of APUs.We first saw the...

By Overclock3D on

£126 (inc VAT) £110 (inc VAT)Our first exposure to AMD's new Kaveri APUs came, rather peculiarly, in the form of the as yet unreleased , as the top of the range A10 samples were in short supply. However, we've now got hold of both top end parts,...

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That the fastest processors are currently made by Intel is not really a secret, but what is the best choice when you want to spend up to £ 50, £100 or £150? To answer that question we conducted a megatest of 57 current AMD and Intel CPUs. From two...

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In recent months and quarters I have had discussions about why CPU manufacturers offer a number of processors each separated by $7 and 100 MHz. The obvious answer (but not always the logical answer) is to cater for what the customer wants by overloading...

By AnandTech on

Website: A-10 7700K: 101.99 (At time of the review)RRP A-10 7850K: £119.99 (At time of the review)AMD are a company that need no introduction. If you are reading this review and have...

By Play3r on

If you follow our website and the technology industry more broadly then you may have heard a lot about Kaveri since it was officially launched on January 14th 2014. Kaveri is the codename for AMD's fourth generation of desktop APU (Accelerated Processing...

By eTeknix on

Kaveri represents another significant step forward for integrated graphics performance but realistically it still isn't even on the same playing field as true discrete graphics solutions which aren't as limited by memory bandwidth or physical space....

By eTeknix on

C'était l'été dernier qu'AMD renouvelait sa gamme de processeurs avec système graphique intégré, les APU, en introduisant la génération Richland ( voir AMD Richland : les APU A10-6800K et A10-6700 en test ). Une génération qui ne nous avait pas laissé un...

International Review By Clubic on

Kaveri ist der Codename der neuesten APU-Technologie von AMD. Im Test zeigt der A10-7700K traditionelle Schwächen bei der CPU-Leistung. Die Grafik-Performance des integrierten Radeon-Chips ist dagegen lobenswert, liegt allerdings nur marginal über der...

International Review By on

In questo articolo vi proponiamo i test di quarantasei microprocessori, andando a spaziare dai dual-core a potenti prodotti a otto core. Di questi quarantasei CPU 19 sono di AMD e 27 di Intel.Per chiarezza le CPU di AMD e Intel sono elencate in base...

International Review By Tom's Hardware Italy on

Dieser kurze Artikel hat sich mit mehreren Fragestellungen beschäftigt. Halten wir also die markantesten Punkte fest: Die Taktreduzierung bei gleichzeitiger CPU und GPU Last wirkt sich weniger stark aus, als man zunächst glauben könnte. Die Taktraten...

International Review By Planet 3DNow! on

des heutigen Tests haben wir uns etwas schwer getan. Sind wir enttäuscht, sind wir beeindruckt? Man kann es als etwas dazwischen darstellen. Erkenntnisse, die sich bereits im Test der A8 7600 APU zum Launch der Kaveris angedeutet haben, wiederholen sich...

International Review By Planet 3DNow! on

Prozessoren mit integrierter Grafikeinheit sollen dedizierte 3D-Beschleuniger überflüssig machen, aber dennoch genügend Leistung bieten, um auch aktuelle Spiele mit Einschränkungen ruckelfrei darstellen zu können. Um dies zu überprüfen, haben wir je...

International Review By PC-Max on