Benchmarks: File Download Performance

Like most modern NAS devices the Synology DS1515 had no trouble maxing out a single Gigabit LAN connection when working with large data as it managed to sustain a throughput of 112.4MB/s.

When downloading our game data from the DS1515 we saw a throughput of 82MB/s, which is up there with some of the fastest 4-6 bay devices we have tested. The Core i3-powered AS7004T was only slightly faster with 84.9MB/s while the only faster Synology NAS tested was the DS415+ with 86.1MB/s.

Compared to the QNAP-TS 451 which managed just 65.9MB/s the DS1515 was much faster while it also crushed the Asustor AS-606T.

Downloading the program data saw the Synology DS1515 manage a throughput of 38.2MB/s which is only a fraction slower than the DS415+, while the DS1515 was considerably faster than the QNAP TS-451 despite losing out to the TS-653 Pro.