Benchmarks: File Upload Performance

Again when working with large files we see that the Synology DS1515, along with most modern NAS devices, can max out a single Gigabit LAN connection, this time when uploading.

The Synology DS1515 demonstrated superb upload performance using our game data. Here it sustained 87.1MB/s which was on par with the ultra-expensive Core i3-powered Asustor AS7004T and just a few megabytes per second slower than the DS415+.

Although the Synology DS1515 was able to best the QNAP TS-451 and TS-653 Pro when measuring upload performance with our game data, this wasn't the case with the program data. Here the DS1515 was only able to match the TS-451, while it was quite a bit slower than the TS-653 Pro and even Synology's own DS415+.