Benchmarks: File Upload Performance

Again we find that when working with large files the QNAP TS-435mini has no trouble maxing out the Gigabit Ethernet connection, this time reaching 111MB/s when uploading. The Synology DS414slim on the other hand was limited to just 64MB/s when armed with a high performance SATA SSD and just 48.2MB/s with four WD Red 1TB hard drives.

The game upload test features a mixture of small and large, compressed and non-compressed files. As you can see the QNAP TS-435mini delivered similar results using the WD hard drives and the Samsung SSD, which saw it match NAS devices such as the Synology DS414 and Asustor AS5104T.

The Synology DS414slim only delivered around half the performance of the TS-435mini, making it one of the slowest devices we have tested in recent times.

The last upload test used the program data and the results are similar to those seen above when testing with the game data. The Synology DS414slim struggles to deliver half the performance of the QNAP TS-435mini.