Benchmarks: File Download Performance

The QNAP TS-435mini had no trouble maxing out the Gigabit LAN connection when downloading a single large file with a throughput of 112MB/s using either the WD Red 1TB hard drives or the Samsung SSD 850 Pro 512GB.

Meanwhile the Synology DS414slim came close to maxing out the network connection with 91.6MB/s when testing with the 1TB hard drives and 97MB/s with the Samsung SSD.

Here we see neither NAS was able to reach the limits of the Gigabit network connection when moving multiple smaller files. Still, when armed with the 850 Pro the QNAP TS-435mini was able to achieved 91.2MB/s whereas the DS414slim was limited to 65.6MB/s.

Using four WD Red 1TB 2.5" NAS hard drives in RAID5 allowed the TS-435mini to hit 77.5MB/s while the DS414slim reached 61.4MB/s, 21% slower.

The program download test is comprised of many small non-compressed files ranging from just 1K up to 5000K in size (6104 files totalling 2.75GB). Here we find some rather interesting results, as the Synology DS414slim came out on top when using the WD Red 1TB hard drives, beating the TS-435mini by an 18% margin.

That said, when testing with the 850 Pro the DS414slim was 24% slower than the QNAP TS-435mini.