Power Consumption

The GTX 950 consumed the same amount of power as the GTX 760 in Battlefield Hardline with a system consumption of 213 watts. While this was 13% less than the GTX 960, it was also surprisingly 19% more than the R7 370 and 87% more than the GTX 750 Ti.

Interestingly, the GTX 950's power usage looked better in Dragon Age: Inquisition as the system pulled just 159 watts, only 22% more than the GTX 750 Ti but 30% less than the GTX 960 and 7% less than the R7 370.

The GTX 950 system consumed 170 watts in Assassin's Creed Unity, which was 28% more than the GTX 750 Ti and 19% less than the GTX 960. This time the GTX 950 did draw 10% more power than the R7 370.