Benchmarks: Watch Dogs, Far Cry 4

The R7 360 really struggled in Watch Dogs and with an average of just 29fps it was 12% slower than the GTX 750 Ti. The R7 370 performed better though it was still 2% slower than the GTX 950 (just a 1fps difference here).

The R9 380 was again able to outpace the GTX 960 by a small 5% margin at 1080p. The R9 390 was only 3% faster than the GTX 970 which worked out to be a 2fps advantage.

Increasing the resolution to 2560x1600 we find that the R9 390X was 8% slower than the GTX 980, while the Fury X was 11% slower than the GTX 980 Ti.

AMD is expected to have an advantage in Far Cry 4, though this wasn't true for the R7 360, which was still 4% slower than the GTX 750 Ti at 1080p with an average of just 25fps. Despite that the R7 370 was 3% faster than the GTX 950, which equated to just a single frame per second.

The R9 380 continued its dominance over the GTX 960 with a 12% win in Far Cry, where it averaged 48fps opposed to 43fps. The R9 390 enjoyed its biggest win yet with 75fps on average, 14% faster than the GTX 970.

For the first time the R9 390X was faster than the GTX 980 at 1600p with an average of 55fps for an 8% lead. The Fury X also outpaced the GTX 980 Ti, winning by a 6% margin.