Benchmarks: Assassin's Creed Unity, Dragon Age: Inquisition

The R7 360 averaged a mere 21fps at 1080p in Assassin's Creed Unity, 9% slower than the GTX 750 Ti's 23fps. The R7 370 was also 6% slower than the GTX 950, though both delivered acceptable performance with over 30fps.

The R9 380 matched the GTX 960 with 45fps, while the R9 390 and GTX 970 also delivered the same 71fps.

Moving to 1600p we find that the R9 390X is just 2% slower than the GTX 980 which equates to a 1fps difference. The Fury X was actually 2% faster than the GTX 980 Ti and again this worked out to be just a 1fps difference.

The R7 360 performed relatively well in Dragon Age: Inquisition with 28fps, a 4% lead on the GTX 750 Ti. The R7 370 didn't look quite as strong, being 5% slower than the GTX 950.

Meanwhile, the R9 380 was 13% faster than the GTX 960 with an impressive 53fps and the R9 390 smoked the GTX 970 in Dragon Age at 77fps, 15% faster.

The R9 390X was 4% slower than the GTX 980 at 1600p with an average of 50fps versus 52fps, the Fury X was only good for 57fps, 16% slower than the GTX 980 Ti's 68fps average.